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IndustrialTouchUp.com  specializes in filling custom aerosol cans made to order. No spray cans have been sitting on our shelves. All orders are made from high quality paint unmatched in both quality, coverage, and availability. We use premium acrylic enamels and industrial grade coatings in our aerosols. We have a Large variety of colors and formulas available. If we do not show a color you are looking for we normally can make it through our custom aerosol filling program. We can mix standard colors to match almost any industrial paint through cross reference and custom matching. All colors chips we display on the internet are used only as a guideline. 


  • Great coverage and film toughness

  • Full range of standard colors available

  • Custom aerosol filling

  • Ideal for construction equipment, industrial machinery, industrial equipment, horse trailers, farm, and garden equipment

  • Quick turnaround time

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What's New
12 oz. Industrial Spray Paint 19.99
car paint

Aerosol spray paints are custom matched to the original paint color standards.

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